What happens when I encounter a wolf during a dog walk?

In areas where wolves occur, you should generally leash your dog. It can happen in rare cases that wolves are interested in dogs, as they categorise them as conspecifics. Wolves can react to dogs in different ways, depending on the situation. This can be neutral (in most cases), positive (dog is categorised as mating partner or playfellow) or negative (dog is categorised as competitor).

Even in the first two cases it is necessary that you keep your dog close by to make sure there is no direct interaction between wolf and dog. In case the wolf reacts negatively to your dog, you are the best protection for your dog. There is no danger for the dog, as long as you keep it close by. Should the wolf approach you despite this, shout and clap your hands to stress your presence. In most cases, the wolf will draw back as soon as it realises your presence.