What should I do when I encounter a wolf?

As wolves usually recognise humans first and draw back directly, direct and coincidental encounters with humans that e.g. walk in the forest or collect mushrooms are very rare. Nevertheless, the possibility of direct encounters cannot be ruled out, for example when the wind conditions are unfavourable. It is much more likely to coincidentally see a wolf from the car, when it crosses the road.

In general, please stay calm when you see a wolf. Stop and keep your distance. Speak to the animal calmly in case it did not notice you yet. Memorise how the wolf looks like, before it disappears (probably quite fast) and report the sighting to the responsible authority in your federal state. Pictures are also useful, but please only photograph the animal without approaching or following it for a better picture.

If you feel uneasy about the situation, do not run away but back up slowly and speak loudly while doing so. In case the wolf does not walk away or, contrary to expectations, approaches you, stop, shout at the wolf and clap your hands. Try to intimidate the animal by straightening yourself and maybe throwing something at the wolf.